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Opening his first workshop in 1964, Aldo Nicoletto saw the need for manufacturing Haute Couture quality in ready to wear sport jackets, suits, pants and overcoats 

Belvest garments combine the perfect harmony between handmade artisan craftsmanship and continuous technical innovation

Belvest is truly unique and is found in only the finest international shops and produces for only the top design houses in the world 


Simply the finest Made in Italy knitwear in the market Unmatched value, quality, design and style give this iconic collection the entrepreneurial spirit of the founders Nello, Eraldo, Alceo and Francesco Di Stefano and their vision 


Capturing the essence of Neapolitan hand tailoring Mauro continues in his father’s footsteps producing exquisite state of the art Jackets, Suits, Pants and Overcoats and a made to measure service to boot 

New for this season sartorial handmade shirts both sport and classic 

Also new A very focused knitwear collection in exclusive yarns


Gardeur jeans, pants and bermudas set a high standard for comfort, form fitting with stretch and fashion

This number one brand in Europe translates beautifully to the American physique whether in denim or non-denim fabrics 

A joy to wear 

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It is said that Eugenio Calabrese had over 300 ties, and each day he would wear a different tie based on his mood 

This had the result of his clientele asking his opinion on how best to choose the look for their store 

Today, his granddaughter Anna Lisa continues his tradition and creates an exquisite collection of scarves, ties, bags, swim trunks and more

Exclusive designs of prints and woven make Calabrese a true designer product 

In 1949 Echizenya introduced its line of pants focusing on quality, uniqueness and sustainability

Made in Japan every pant goes through 150+ steps of hand work, cutting, sewing and machining found nowhere else in the world, 

Achieving the finest collection of artisan-made classic and fashion pants 


This Italian brand was founded by CEO Giorgio Martini in 1974.

Today his sons run the day-to-day activities of the company

The vision of the company combines the finest Italian tradition with an eye on the future 

This luxury brand is designed for an international clientele demanding quality, elegance and personality of product


This diffusion line by Mauro Blasi is a young fashion product in the spirit nouveau of Napoli

Jackets with a hipster feeling are fresh and free in fabrics not in the general market 

When you ask what’s new 





Barmas was born in Padua in 2017 from an idea by Massimo Chiapponi. Barmas is aimed at customers who want to combine elegance, practicality and innovation that looks to the future. The Italian Artisan Tradition meets the excellence of Denim, offering the uncompromising quality of the true Made in Italy craftsmanship.  




Components by John McCoy

515 Madison Avenue, 20th Floor

New York, NY 10022

Phone: 212-969-9683

Fax: 212-581-3980

About Us
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Since 1985 Components by John McCoy has been introducing the finest lines of menswear to the American Market

From Belvest to Gran Sasso and Masons to Mauro Blasi we are committed to building relationships with European and Japanese companies and presenting them to the US retailer 

Over the years we’ve constantly adapted to the changing needs of the market and the economy 

Our staff, with over a century of experience, is dedicated to servicing our retail clients, making the retail-wholesale transaction interesting, exciting and personal 

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